Freelance Client: Cold Cuts Hot Wax
Initial Brief: Cold Cuts // Hot Wax are an online (soon to be physical) record shop just off Coldharbour Lane in South London. I was approached to redesign the identity of their 'Music They Love' initiative that features DJ's and music producers sharing their favourite tracks. The brief asked for a design that moved away from the theme of vinyl record covers, and stood out but complimented other record artwork. 
Solution: We created an aesthetic that moved away from their existing image of the vinyl. The vibrant colour scheme and simple spherical form provided the opportunity for effective pattern variations. The circular form and use of negative space contrasts against the vibrant colour schemes, these considered design strategies enabled an effective composition and distinctive identity.
Second Brief: To create social media assets for their October charity campaign.
Solution: Building on the existing brand identity that I had already created, I focused once again on a key spherical element. Adapting the colour scheme, I designed a simple yet engaging visual that aligned with the companies existing assets.
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